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7 “Outfit Completers” to Make Your Summer Outfits Fabulous

It’s hot, layers are out of the question, and shorts and a T-shirt are often all you can bring yourself to throw on. Add constant pool days into the mix and there’s really no reason to get dressed at all, right? WRONG. Summertime is the perfect time to utilize those pieces that don’t add bulk or warmth, but add a pop or sparkle to an otherwise simple outfit. I call them “outfit completers.” They take your basic summer outfits and make them special, focused, purposeful, and fun. Find an easy DIY head wrap here Just like jeans and a tee, a chambray top and jeans is another go-to summer outfit, but without outfit completers, the outfit can fall flat. This summer I've added a few new hats to my closet and love the personality they bring to an outfit. Sometimes I go for a baseball cap, other times I reach for my panama hat. It takes a basic outfit to the next level without sacrificing your comfort!Find the panama hat at J.Crew, $58 and the sneakers at HM, $14.95 Complete that outfit with a statement necklace. It's a fail-proof addition that instantly adds glam and sparkle to any outfit. Anyone can grab a boring tote bag, but your outfit will really stand out with an amazing statement bag. Find the bag at Lulu*s, $59 The simple accessories that you put on at the last minute always make the biggest difference for me. Add a little stack of bracelets for a bit of sparkle, a bold lip for a statement, or some fun and unexpected sunglasses for some edge. They take a simple outfit to a whole new level. Find similar sunglasses at Urban Outfitters, $14

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parenting babble

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