Comprehensive compact wastewater treatment solutions

Comprehensive compact wastewater treatment solutions
Compact Unit is essentially a standard freight container enclosng a complete wastewater treatment plant for sanitary wastewater flows of 50 to 100 m3/d.
The unit can produce effluents to meet all environmental discharge requirements both in terms of BOD and Total Nitrogen requirements.The plant is fully automated, the processes are inherently simple, and as a result minimal operator intervention is required.

solution comes in two optional configurations: BOD removal only, and BOD & Nitrogen removal. Additional advantages include:
Two options: 50 m3 / 100 m3 a day
Ability to upgrade capacity by adding parallel compact-units to the same site
Suitability to use the unit as an interim/temporary solution, as well as on a seasonal operation (e.g. resorts and hotels affected by high/low season)
The solution may also be provided as a turn-key service through selected Aqwise distribution partners
Each Compact Unit may be specifically "tailored" to particular client specifications

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