Modeling Solar Radiation at the Earth’s Surface

Solar Radiation Measurement: Progress in Radiometry for Improved Modeling

Christian A. Gueymard and Daryl R. Myers

1 Introduction

This chapter is designed to be a concise introduction to modern solar radiometry and how solar radiation measurements can be properly used for optimal solar radi­ation model development and validation. We discuss solar radiation fundamentals, components of solar radiation in the atmosphere, instrumentation used to measure these components, and accuracy of these measurements depending upon instrumen­tation performance, reference scale, calibration techniques, and quality control. The sources of measurement error are explained in detail, and a comprehensive assess­ment of the recent advances in radiometry is presented. Existing measurement net­works and data sources are described. Various data quality assessment methods are also discussed. The concepts presented here can be successfully applied toward a more informed use of solar radiation data in a large range of applications.

Modeling Solar Radiation at the Earth’s Surface

Quality Assessment Based Upon Comparison with Models

Many models based on the physics of radiation transfer through the clear atmo­sphere have been developed (Lacis and Hansen 1974; Atwater and Ball 1978; Hoyt 1978; Bird and Hulstrom 1981a, …

Solar Horizontal Diffuse and Beam Irradiation on Clear Days

There exist a number of models to determine the solar horizontal diffuse irradia­tion on a clear day (Kondratyev 1969) but they are complex and have very stringent conditions. Similarly, there …


Reading the twenty chapters of this book caused me mixed reactions, though all were positive. My responses were shaped by several factors. Although I have main­tained a “watching brief’ on …

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