Modeling Solar Radiation at the Earth’s Surface


A critical part of writing any book is the reviewing process, and the authors and ed­itor are very much obliged to the following researchers who patiently helped them read through subsequent chapters and who made valuable suggestions: Dr. Ricardo Aguiar (INETI, Lisboa, Portugal), Prof. Bulent Akinoglu (Middle East Techni­cal University, Turkey), Dr. Bulent Aksoy (Turkish State Meteorological Service, Ankara, Turkey), Prof. Adolfo De Francisco (University Polytechnic of Madrid, Spain), Dr. Saturnino de la Plaza Perez (University Polytechnic of Madrid, Spain), Prof. Ibrahim Dincer (University of Ontario, Institute of Technology, Canada), Prof Jongjit Hirunlabh (King Mongkut University of Technology, Bankok, Thailand), Prof. Kostis P Iakovides (University of Athens, Greece), Prof. Mossad El-Metwally (Faculty of Education at Port Said, Egypt), Prof. John E. Frederick (University of Chicago, USA), Dr. Chris Gueymard (Solar Consulting Services, Colebrook, USA), Prof. Detlev Heinemann (Oldenburg University, Germany), Prof. Pierre Ineichen (University of Geneva, Switzerland), Dr. C. G. Justus (Georgia Institute of Technol­ogy, USA), Dr. Harry D. Kambezidis (National Observatory of Athens, Greece), Dr. Gabriel Lopez Rodriguez (Universidad de Huelva, Spain), Dr. Michael Mack (Solar Engineering Decker & Mack GmbH, Hannover, Germany), Dr. Sasha Madronich (National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, USA), Dr. James Mubiru (Makerere University, Uganda), Prof. Tariq Muneer (Napier University, Edinburgh, UK), Dr. Costas Neocleous (Higher Technological Institute of Cyprus, Nicosia), Prof. Atsumu Ohmura (Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science, Zurich, Switzerland), Dr. Costas Pattichis (University of Cyprus, Nicosia), Dr. Marius Paulescu (West University of Timisoara, Romania), Prof. Richard Perez (University at Albany, New York, USA), Dr. Lourdes Ramirez Santigosa (CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain), Dr. Christoph Schillings (German Aerospace Center, Stuttgart, Germany), Dr. Mariano Sidrach-de-Cardona (University of Malaga, Spain), Dr. Thomas Stoffel (National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA), Dr. Didier Thevenard (Numerical Logics Inc., Waterloo, Canada), Prof. Chigueru Tiba (Universidade Federal de Per­nambuco, Brazil), Prof. Teolan Tomson (Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia), Dr. Joaquin Tovar-Pescador (University of Jaen, Spain), Professor John Twidell (AMSET Centre, Horninghold, UK), Prof. T. Nejat Veziroglu (University of Miami,

USA), Prof. Frank Vignola (University of Oregon, Eugene, USA), Dr. Kun Yang (University of Tokyo, Japan), Prof. M. M. Abdel Wahab (Cairo University, Egypt), Dr. Stephen Wilcox (National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA).

In preparing this volume the editor has been assisted by Dr. Thomas Ditzinger, Monika Riepl and Heather King (Springer NL), to whom thanks are kindly ad­dressed. The editor is particularly indebt to Dr. Chris Gueymard for continuous help with the preparation of the book. The editor, furthermore, owes a debt of gratitude to all authors. Collaborating with these stimulating colleagues has been a privilege and a very satisfying experience.

Modeling Solar Radiation at the Earth’s Surface

Quality Assessment Based Upon Comparison with Models

Many models based on the physics of radiation transfer through the clear atmo­sphere have been developed (Lacis and Hansen 1974; Atwater and Ball 1978; Hoyt 1978; Bird and Hulstrom 1981a, …

Solar Horizontal Diffuse and Beam Irradiation on Clear Days

There exist a number of models to determine the solar horizontal diffuse irradia­tion on a clear day (Kondratyev 1969) but they are complex and have very stringent conditions. Similarly, there …


Reading the twenty chapters of this book caused me mixed reactions, though all were positive. My responses were shaped by several factors. Although I have main­tained a “watching brief’ on …

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