Deposits of gold, diamonds, bauxite in the Republic of Guine

Deposits of gold, diamonds, bauxite in the Republic of Guine
Dear Sirs,
Our company "GOLD GUINEE " invites you to take part in the establishment and development of a profitable business in the Republic of Guinea in the extraction of deposits of gold, diamonds, bauxite.
In all the business areas, we base our activity on reliable administrative contacts in the person of the Advisor to the President of the Republic of Guinea, an associate and friend of the President. We also work closely with the President on environmental issues; he is also the director for taxation.
Guinea has large mineral, hydropower and agricultural resources.
In Guinea, there are deposits of bauxite (90% of the world's reserves), iron ore, diamonds, gold, uranium; oil reserves have also been found there.
Together with Thailand (28 %) and Saudi Arabia (19 %) - in 2010 these countries exported more than 50 % of the total world gold. http://www.metalresearch.ru/page173.html
" If America had only one such territory as Siguiri in Guinea - our currency would be the strongest of all. At all times." Bill Clinton
The extraction of the mineral deposits is carried out mostly by foreign companies, such as: the British "AVOCET MINING PLC", RUSAL, Chinese companies, RIO TINTO, ANGLOGOLD ASHANTI (SAG), SEVERSTAL (carrying out the work in the mines of Siguiri), and other companies.
As regards gold reserves, Guinea is one of the leading countries of Africa. Most of the extraction sites developed by the state use old methods of production and extraction of gold from the ore.
Thanks to the wealth of sea, land and underground resources, Guinea has always aroused interest of stronger states.
We also have unique land areas in the prefecture of Kerouane Banankouro; this is where all the diamonds of Guinea and of much of Africa are found. DE BEERS company also operates there, but the basic unique areas are under our jurisdiction.
In Africa, to deal in gold without intermediaries is admissible SOLELY FOR THE ETHNIC GROUP that lives in the area of its extraction!
It is an AXIOM for any country extracting precious metals or diamonds.
We can offer you, at your option, any segment of the country's mining industry, which - under normal circumstances - is closed to foreign companies.
We are interested in companies that would develop the extraction of gold and diamonds. In Guinea, it is easy, cheap and problem-free (not to be compared with, for example, Russia or any country of the Asian region).
Having good administrative tools based also on family ties, we guarantee that you will be supplied with solutions to any issues related to establishing and developing a business in the Republic of Guinea.
If you are interested in the subject, we can send you maps and other data, to supply you with initial geological knowledge of the deposits of gold and diamonds.
Our firm co-operates closely with GEOINFOCOM, a Russian company for geological research. It is a company with a worldwide reputation; with their high competence, you will be guaranteed to recover in a short time your capital invested in the mining production and to earn high profits. The whole process of building the business (from exploration to gold production) takes 4-8 months.
Then, within 3-4 months the money invested begins to pay off. That is, within 1 year of operation, a company starts to earn its net profit.
An extract from the feasibility study: "If all the calculation parameters are transposed (by analogy) onto the entire licence area (Slic.=1,111 km2), the gold resources are:

Qlic. = Slic x tp x 0.95 x 2.5 g/m3 = 1,111,000.0 m2 x 0.40 m x 0.95 x 2.5 g/m3 = 1055450.0 g = 1055.45 kg (? 1. 06 tons) (min 37,229,903 ounces = 46,649,068.46 dollars)

For the calculation, we took one of the sites where 2.5 g/t, i.e. 1 km2 produces 1 ton, but our possibilities of choosing various areas are unrivalled.
Our interest (following our assistance in migration and efficient development of your company's business in the country) will be a % share of the gain since the beginning of net profit of the production in question.
There is also a good option for bauxite mining.
If you are interested in any of the projects, our side is ready to discuss relevant issues. We can also provide a calculation of feasibility for a concession in Guinea.
Welcome to the richest lands of the politically stable country of Guinea, where production continues all year round regardless of the season!
P.S. Under a separate agreement, our firm may evaluate contracts for brokers and marketers to attract investors in a given branch of industry.
Skype; aleks1911

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