The EAGLE Gasifier

The EAGLE Gasifier is an oxygen-blown two-stage dry-feed reactor currently under development by the Electric Power Development Company in Japan. A 150 t/d pilot plant has been built and commenced trials in March 2002 (Tajima and Tsunoda 2002).

The first stage operates in an oxygen rich mode at temperatures of around 1600°C. The outlet temperature from the second stage, which operates oxygen lean with coal and recycled char, is of the order of 1150°C. The reactor uses tangential firing to promote a longer residence time for the coal particles. Coal is supplied in about equal quantities to the two stages, and the reactor is controlled by adjusting the oxygen rates.




Liquid Wastes

Organic Chemical Waste. Organic wastes from chemical production vary as widely as the processes from which they originate. One published example is the feedstock to a waste gasification plant at …

Carbon Management

In the Texaco process, soot is extracted from the carbon-water mixture with naphtha and recycled with the feedstock to the reactor where it is gasified to extinction. The black water …

Common Issues

Operating Temperature Any fluid bed depends on having the solid particles of a size that can be lifted by the upward flowing gas. A large portion (over 95%) of the …

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