Shell Coal Gasification Process (SCGP) and Prenflo Process

The origin of both these processes goes back to the Koppers-Totzek process. Shell and Koppers jointly developed a pressurized version of the process, and in 1978 they started to operate a 150 t/d gasifier in Harburg, Germany. The main interest for Koppers was to have a better process available for the production of syngas. For Shell the main interest was at the time the production of synthetic fuels from coal by the route gasification and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. After the joint Harburg unit, Koppers and Shell decided to develop the process further along separate routes. Subsequently, Shell built a 250 t/d demonstration unit in Houston, and Krupp - Koppers a 48 t/d unit in Fiirstenhausen, Germany. Based on the work in these units, two commercial plants were built as part of IGCC power station. In 1994 a 2000 t/d Shell gasification unit was built for Demkolec in Buggenum in The Netherlands using internationally traded coal as original feedstock, and in 1997 Krupp-Koppers built a 3000 t/d Prenflo unit for Elcogas in Puertollano in Spain using a blend of high-ash coal and petcoke as feedstock. Currently, Shell has various projects under­way in China.


Liquid Wastes

Organic Chemical Waste. Organic wastes from chemical production vary as widely as the processes from which they originate. One published example is the feedstock to a waste gasification plant at …

Carbon Management

In the Texaco process, soot is extracted from the carbon-water mixture with naphtha and recycled with the feedstock to the reactor where it is gasified to extinction. The black water …

Common Issues

Operating Temperature Any fluid bed depends on having the solid particles of a size that can be lifted by the upward flowing gas. A large portion (over 95%) of the …

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