Financing Your Small Business


One of the more difficult tasks for the entrepreneur is to prioritize the com­pany's interface with its professionals. New companies must normally con­serve their cash resources as they build the company to go to market.

The sequence of tasks should be roughly as follows.

□ Conduct a feasibility analysis of the product or service to determine whether you have a business.

□ Engage an attorney to form the entity and provide preliminary docu­ments for a friends and family round of raising capital.

□ Engage an IP attorney to file trademarks and patents if applicable.

□ Draft a business plan and hire an accountant or CFO to help with the numbers.

□ Engage a business plan consultant if required.

□ Engage a marketing expert to formulate a strategy.

□ Bring in a branding/graphic specialist to begin a corporate identity package.

□ Use a videographer to create a promotional video.

There is no set rule on sequence. Some things appear more important at different stages of the company's growth. Just make certain that the under­lying business and legal structure is in place before proceeding very far.

Financing Your Small Business

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