Financing Your Small Business

Other Consultants

Your company may have the occasion to employ other consultants in its lifetime. You should perform some measure of diligence on the consult­ants. Legitimate consultants will gladly provide you with a list of client references and share examples of their prior work. If anyone is doing cre­ative work for your company, it is advisable to have a provision in the contract that their product is work for hire, so there is no question of ownership upon completion.

Most consultants will ask you to enter into a written agreement for their services. It is important to you that the agreement contains specific deliver­ables and a time period in which the deliverables are to be accomplished. Too many consulting agreements have extremely vague or general deliver­ables that bring no real substance or true value to the company. There are exceptions. Some well-known consultants are available to counsel with your company but do not provide reports or other deliverables—their advice

Alone is what they are selling. The agreement with the consultant is a con­tract that needs a legal review by company counsel.

Financing Your Small Business

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