Financing Your Small Business

HOW TO…Get Their Attention with Your Business Plan

□ Have a snappy executive summary.

□ Have your contact information clearly stated.

□ Keep the initial plan short—ten to twelve pages.

□ Talk about your business and revenue model first.

□ Describe the market and show how your product is unique in that market.

□ Present a management team with a history of successes.

□ Present conservative financial projections.

□ Do not argue about valuation—yet.


None of the ideas in this chapter are all-encompassing, and not all of the items apply to every business. The information should spark your imagina­tion while giving a context in which to analyze the business. Take your ideas, information, and research and develop a plan that makes investors take notice. Use the executive summary to give your potential investors what they want and to get them interested in learning more.4 An example of such a summary appears on the following pages.


Business Summary

Digibelly. inc.^


DigiBelly, Inc.

3251 Progress Dr. Ste.-A

Orlando, FL 32826 Phone:





Eric B. Delisle

Ceo@digibelly. net

Www. digibelly. com

Corporate Facts

Employees: 15

Ownership: Private Offices: Florida

Stage: Product


- Proven Solution

- Customers

- Reseller Base

- University Partner


Web-Based Business Software

digibelly, inc.
3251 progress dr. ste.-a
orlando, fl 32826 phone:
eric b. delisle
corporate facts
employees: 15
ownership: private offices: florida
stage: product
- proven solution
- customers
- reseller base
- university partner
web-based business software
Many businesses still DO NOT have a website. This has not changed since 1999. Non-tech business owners are bewildered by the options available and have no confidence in making good decisions regarding their IT needs while at the same time feel very strongly they MUST get digital to be competitive. DigiBelly, Inc. is becoming an essential bridge for non-technical business owners to cross the "Digital Divide."

Combining deep knowledge of state-of-the-art Web technology, process automation and superior deliv­ery capability, DigiBelly helps customers minimize cost and obtain useful business tools while providing the hand-holding this market desires.

The way AOL enabled the ordinary person to get on the Internet, DigiBelly is enabling the ordinary busi­nessperson to get digital. The past three years, the company has built and tested its systems, marketing strategies, and market acceptance, and as of 2003 is ready to launch its first retail product, DigiBuildlt.

Company Highlights

• Expanding Market Opportunities — Past and continuing investments in Web presences and online commerce; lower costs of entry; more devices on the Net; easier integration between front - and back-end systems continue to fuel market growth.

Law Firm

Burk & Reedy Law Firm, LLP

Washington DC & Los Angeles Securities Law


Angel Investors DigiBelly Executives $1.2 Million Raised to Date




$2.5 Million Preferred Series B. Fixed 2X Dividend on investment paid from 5% Gross Revenue starting Month 13 plus automatic conver­sion 1 to 1 to com­mon stock.

Use of Funds


Sales & Marketing



Q3 - Q4, 2004

подпись: law firm
burk & reedy law firm, llp
washington dc & los angeles securities law
angel investors digibelly executives $1.2 million raised to date
$2.5 million preferred series b. fixed 2x dividend on investment paid from 5% gross revenue starting month 13 plus automatic conversion 1 to 1 to common stock.
use of funds
sales & marketing
q3 - q4, 2004
To reach customers (both individuals and busi­nesses), businesses around the world are continu­ing to invest in getting onto the Web. Ten million businesses had websites in 2000; 25 million will by 2005[1]. Today, less than 70% of small busi­nesses have websites. In five years, more than 80% will.

• Value-added Solutions Create Switching

Barriers—While the company wins customers by leveraging market knowledge to deliver a great price, it assures long-term relationships by provid­ing value-added marketing solutions and continued integration with back-end business critical systems. This creates a dependency on the entire implemen­tation far beyond a basic website.

• University of Central Florida Resources

DigiBelly is supported by UCF with contacts, PR, tech­nology transfer opportunities and resources. DigiBelly has already participated in winning a $600K National Science Foundation Award with UCF.

• DigiBelly Partner Program —DigiBelly has also developed a technology infrastructure to sup­port a grass roots, referral based marketing effort where traditional marketing dollars are directed back to the customer base that refers additional customers to the program. Additionally, the pro­gram acts as a customer service buffer with people helping people with their technology needs.

With an average sale of $450+. All in a win/win solution for the business owners and DigiBelly.



University of Central Florida Time Warner Telecom IBI Global



Tupper Ware - Orlando

1002 Productions - Nashville CENTECOM - Orlando

InvestorBeware. org



"It was much easier than I thought. We have 8,000 agents that need this!"

Alex Conti Northwestern Mutual



"I believe many of the companies we meet need this kind of solution. This should be a great partnership."

Ray Maxwell Time Warner Telecom

подпись: key
university of central florida time warner telecom ibi global
tupper ware - orlando
1002 productions - nashville centecom - orlando
"it was much easier than i thought. we have 8,000 agents that need this!"
alex conti northwestern mutual
"i believe many of the companies we meet need this kind of solution. this should be a great partnership."
ray maxwell time warner telecom
Solution Highlights




B. Delisle, Cha

Very little to do with the world of building websites. As 2003 progresses DigiBelly will begin to announce its plans and products for its develop­ments in the AI business space.

Management Team

• Eric B. Delisle, Chairman and CEO (Meridian, CFI)

• Tom Hagood, MBA, COO (Fmr. Proj. Mgr. For International Space Station)

• Greg Badgewell, VP Sales (General Motors and Westgate Resorts)

• Bret Pirquet, MBA, CFO (Wells Fargo, Jasmin. com)

• Shera Kelly, Operations Manager (Bell South)

• Jim Eddy, CTO (Switch & Data, CitiGroup/ Travelers)

Board of Directors




"The best value I have ever seen." Maria Simone City Scarves. com

"I always thought that editing my own website would be too compli­cated. Not any­more!"

Scott Gregory Cabinet Jack

Industry Point of View

"I believe in this company so much that I am investing my entire life's sav­ings in it! I think in 2 years they could acquire Microsoft."

Nicholas Zaldastani Zaldastani Ventures


HOW TO...Get Their Attention with Your Business Plan

James E. Burk, Esq. (Burk & Reedy, LLP—WDC/LA Securities Law Firm)

Nicholas Zaldastani (Zaldastani Ventures, Saba, Oracle)

John Lawrence Allen, Esq. (NYC Securities Fraud Attorney—Investor Beware)


Financial Projections

Financial Summaries in thousands (000's)


Y1 $2,289

Y2 $14,276

Y3 $36,908

Y4 $47,981

Y5 $62,375

Cost of Sales

Y1 $180

Y2 $515

Y3 $872

Y4 $1,047

Y5 $1,256

SG&A (w/o COS)

Y1 $3,182

Y2 $9,646

Y3 $16,739

Y4 $21,814

Y5 $27,957

Net Income Before Tax

Y1 $(1,073)

Y2 $4,114

Y3 $19,297

Y4 $25,120

Y5 $33,162

Financing Your Small Business

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