Financing Your Small Business

Feasibility Analysis

Many entrepreneurs have not thoroughly considered whether the business they are proposing is commercially feasible in the marketplace—some experts call this a feasibility analysis. Marvelous ideas are born each day, but many are simply not commercially viable. One of the benefits of initially creating your strategies and writing your own plan is discovering exactly what business you are in and how it will deliver both emotional satisfaction and financial reward to you. The feasibility analysis is a relatively brief ver­sion of the financial model that you will eventually develop to create eco­nomic scenarios. It indicates the broad operating parameters—product vol­ume, prices, margins, operating expenses, and resources—under which you will achieve your financial goals. Your team will examine and interpret the analysis to determine the feasibility of operating within those guidelines.

Financing Your Small Business

Limited Liability Company Formation Documents

If, after consultation with your professional team, you decide to form a lim­ited liability company, you will need to file Articles of Organization with the state and draft an internal …

Corporation Formation Documents

After consulting with your professionals, you will most likely need to form an entity to raise capital. Most entrepreneurs will form either a corporation or a limited liability company. This …

Business Plan

As part of your business strategy, planning, and feasibility analysis, you will commit your plan to paper. The document produced is typically called a business plan. The purpose of a …

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