Financing Your Small Business


When talking about the content, provide an adequate snapshot of the com­pany, its management, the market, and the return on investment. It is use­ful for the presenter to tell about the product or service of the company up front. Many presenters verbally wander around for much of their presenta­tion without giving the audience any clear idea of the business and product being discussed.

Another area of concern, in terms of content, is the management discus­sion. Oftentimes, companies that had some depth and experience in man­agement gloss over it instead of emphasizing it, while at other times, a com­pany weak in management does not tell the audience how it proposes to solve that problem and beef up the team.

The presentation of financial information presents difficulties to most speakers. Financial data in a short presentation needs to concentrate on highlights and not minute details—provide enough detail to impress upon the audience that you know what you are talking about, but not so much that you put them to sleep. A presentation is like a business plan—one of its principal purposes is to get a meeting where you will have an opportu­nity to elaborate upon the details.

Financing Your Small Business

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