Financing Your Small Business

Angel Networks and Entrepreneurial Forums

A source for angel networks exists at the Access to Capital Electronic Network (ACE-Net) which is a nationwide secure database accessible via the Internet at Http://acenet. csusb. edu. In addition, MIT Enterprise Forum has eighteen chapters worldwide and offers networking opportunities for both investors and entrepreneurs. Visit their website at Http://web. mit. edu/entforum.

Another outstanding resource for entrepreneurs is IBI Global. IBI Global seeks to promote resources and networking among entrepreneurs and help develop capital and customer markets.

IBI Global is the only known course designed to teach you what you need to know to get your business idea off the ground. It will teach you to pro­tect and promote business ideas, formulate strategy, define markets, build a team, raise money, and meet contacts who can help you.

IBI Global hosts a seven day accelerated management training program and CEO retreat and provides free ongoing graduate support through weekly meetings across the nation to network and develop contacts.

You can learn more about IBI Global on their website at Www. IBIGlobal. com. In addition, examples of IBI Global training are available at Www. IBISuccessChannel. com radio and television network.

Financing Your Small Business

Limited Liability Company Formation Documents

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