Financing Your Small Business

5 Securities Law

T Understanding Securities Laws

T Brief History of Securities Laws

T The Rise of Rule 506 of Regulation D

T Disclosure Requirements

T The Sale of Securities and the Issuer Exemption

T Integration of Offerings

T State Securities (Blue Sky) Laws

T Notice Filings of Securities

T Rule 504 and 505 Offerings

T Regulation A Offerings

T Follow-Up and Closing an Offering

Compliance with federal and state securities laws is a serious consideration for every company. Learning what you can and cannot do under the securi­ties laws is a valuable tool in your arsenal of knowledge. Every time your company issues or sells securities, the transaction must comply with federal securities laws and the securities laws of the state in which it is sold. Doing it right the first time can mean the difference between survival and failure of your business.

Financing Your Small Business

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