The building design project documents and organization

It would be important to ensure that the homeowner or the condominium could have an operating and instructions manual, identifying equipment schemes, safety procedures, conservations and maintenance information about the solar collector system. It is fundamental to implement some control and management measures during the life-cycle time of these equipments, especially in summer, to guarantee durability, efficiency and therefore turning this investment cost-effective. The obligatory for solar collector brings to discussion the implementation of a repair and maintenance design project for residential buildings, with a wider scope then solar collector’s subject. Residential building design is today facing fundamental changes and energy efficiency seems to be a start step to new design and property management approaches. The intelligent residential buildings concept, slightly inspired in a facility management concept in service buildings, is been slowly implemented in buildings. Monitoring and supervising devices as well as controlling and regulating systems in buildings appealed to the development of building automation. Other new building regulations are been enacted forward to get sustainable buildings, are examples: measures to better water supply and waste water management; more rigorous fire safety rules and security. A repair and maintenance design project turns to be essential and it is almost obvious that the obligatory use of solar collectors is going to accelerate this demand by

local government authorities. Also, the health and safety design project must be adapted to this new reality. A care should be taken to new risks, for example, the potential for excessive temperature and pressure in heat transfer fluids and stored water, the risk of Legionnaires’ disease, working at height and electrical safety.


Automatic Control System

The whole automation system is mainly divided into two parts: one part is the hardware equipments consisted of all kinds of devices used in the testing system; the other part …

The application of the regulations minimal solar collector area

Following the new regulations, a three bedrooms autonomous zone must have a minimal collector area of 4 m2 independently of the climate zone were is located. From the simulations results …

Measured sequences used for validation purposes

The comparison of experimental and calculated instantaneous power results, obtained after the different approaches presented in the previous section, is based on instantaneous efficiency measurements for a CPC collector (C …

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