Conclusions and further perspectives

The development and set-up of a mobile, stand-alone test facility for solar thermal collectors and systems based on a 20 foot office container as well as the test facilities required for durability and reliability testing were described.

For the future it is intended to extend the mobile, stand-alone solar thermal test facility in such a way that it additionally allows for testing of hot water stores according to ENV 12977-3. Furthermore, it is intended to deliver turn-key test facilities to several other test institutes, manufacturers and universities.


[1] The European Standards (EN and ENV) and the International Standards (ISO) mentioned above are available from: www. beuth. de, or www. cen. eu/cenorm/standards_drafts/index. asp


Automatic Control System

The whole automation system is mainly divided into two parts: one part is the hardware equipments consisted of all kinds of devices used in the testing system; the other part …

The application of the regulations minimal solar collector area

Following the new regulations, a three bedrooms autonomous zone must have a minimal collector area of 4 m2 independently of the climate zone were is located. From the simulations results …

Measured sequences used for validation purposes

The comparison of experimental and calculated instantaneous power results, obtained after the different approaches presented in the previous section, is based on instantaneous efficiency measurements for a CPC collector (C …

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