Test facility: artificial sun

The exceptional artificial sun (fig. 6) of the SIJ is an indoor placed sun simulator which can simulate the sun’s position according to the altitude angle and the azimuth angle in different seasons of the year and to any location on earth. This high-precision sun simulator imitates the sun’s path with an accuracy of < 0.5mrad and creates a beam of parallel light with divergence < 4mrad.

image096The test facility is composed of a circular ring on which the unit can be rotated 360° degrees, and a light source which directs its light to a parabolic disk, which then provide a parallel beam of light. This light unit can be moved along a curved bracket to change its elevation. The artificial sun illuminates targets up to a diameter of 500mm. It is steered by two computer-operated electro motors witch can be

Подпись: Fig. 6. The Artificial Sun of the SIJ for lighting and sun path examinations. The main part of the facility is installed on the ceiling and consists of a rotating assembly for the movement of the azimuth angle and a telescopic arm for the movement of the envelope angle. At the end of the arm is the lighting unit fixed. It consists either of a lamp and a parabolic mirror supplying parallel light or of a LASER system. Under this assembly stands the target on a rotary round table.

moved stepwise or continuously in slow or high speed. The exact position for the movement control is detected by separate supplementary position encoders on each axis.


Validation of the library components

The validation of the models is necessary to ensure that the calculated results are valid. Furthermore it is to proof what differences consist due to the assumptions made in the …

Solar industrial process heat plants in operation

Data gathered in the framework of the IEA Task 33/IV include comprehensive information about the geographical distribution of the solar thermal plants, the industrial sectors addressed, the specific processes, the …

Experimental Investigations On Solar Driven Desalination Systems Using Membrane Distillation

J. Koschikowski*, M. Wieghaus*, M. Rommel*, Vicente Subiela Ortin**, Baltasar Penate Suarez**, Juana Rosa Betancort Rodriguez** * Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISEHeidenhofstr.2,79110 Freiburg, GermanyTel +49-761-4588-5294Fax +49-761-4588-9000email ioako@ise. fhg. …

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