Results of the AGMD experimental testing

Experiments were divided into two stages, in the first one we used 1 g/l marine salted water (1500­2000 pS/cm) in the feed hot channel and deionised water as coolant. In the second stage a

concentration of 35 g/l (40-46 mS/cm) was used as feed water and the same deionised water in the cooling channel. In both stages the pilot plant was evaluated during solar hours, one day of operation comprised about 7 hours. Normally the experiments were started when the solar filed was delivering a minimum temperature, so the feed was heated up gradually. The modules start to distil, although depending greatly on hot inlet temperature, when a difference of 20 °C in temperature between hot and cold inlet is achieved, and that is when measurements of conductivity and production started.


Validation of the library components

The validation of the models is necessary to ensure that the calculated results are valid. Furthermore it is to proof what differences consist due to the assumptions made in the …

Solar industrial process heat plants in operation

Data gathered in the framework of the IEA Task 33/IV include comprehensive information about the geographical distribution of the solar thermal plants, the industrial sectors addressed, the specific processes, the …

Experimental Investigations On Solar Driven Desalination Systems Using Membrane Distillation

J. Koschikowski*, M. Wieghaus*, M. Rommel*, Vicente Subiela Ortin**, Baltasar Penate Suarez**, Juana Rosa Betancort Rodriguez** * Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISEHeidenhofstr.2,79110 Freiburg, GermanyTel +49-761-4588-5294Fax +49-761-4588-9000email ioako@ise. fhg. …

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