Botanical Name: Sassafras albidum Sassafras, a member of the same family as cinnamon, is best known for its fragrant oil, used for flavoring and scenting, and the tea made from its root bark.

While similar in color, grain and texture to black ash, sassafras timber is brittle and soft and is seldom available in large sizes. Its decay resistance and reso­nance make it an attractive choice for some special­ized applications.

Other Names: Cinnamon wood, red sassafras, gumbo file. Source: Eastern U. S.A.

Characteristics: Straight grain; coarse texture; light to dark brown.

Uses: Boat building, kayak paddles, containers, furni­ture and musical instruments.

Workability: Fair; wood is brittle and soft, so keep tool edges very sharp; pre-bore for nailing to avoid splitting; good bending properties.

Finishing: Accepts finishes well.

Weight: 2<B Ib./cu. ft.

Price: Inexpensive to moderate.



Botanical Name: Chloroxylon swietenia Though the name satinwood has been given to many world timbers, Ceylon satinwood is one of very few that have found significant use in North America. It has been used in fine woodworking and cabinetmaking for centuries, but today is valued mainly for its stunning veneers—especially the famous bee’s-wing mottle. In solid form it generally is used for fine turned goods such as brush backs, recorders and inlay work.

Other Names: East Indian satinwood, yellow eandere-, biliu, mashwal (India); Ceylon satinwood (Sri Lanka). 5ources: India and Sri Lanka.

Characteristics: Interlocked grain; fine, even texture; light yellow to gold.

Uses: Cabinetmaking, furniture, turning, joinery and decorative veneers.

Workability: Difficult; grain tends to tear in planing quartersawn material; good bending properties. Finishing: Accepts finishes well when filled.

Weight: 61 Ib./cu. ft.


Price: Expensive.

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