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Europeana Creative – Final Open Innovation Challenge Launched!



Europeana Creative is once again looking for creative developers, designers, start-ups and other entrepreneurs to re-use Europe’s digitised cultural heritage from Europeana in innovative and creative ways!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our final challenge encouraging YOU to design and create products applications that re-use Europeana content in the theme of Design.

Our previous Challenges, on the themes of Natural History History Education, Tourism Social Networks, attracted applications from 16 different European countries demonstrating innovative ideas for cultural heritage re-use. If you wish to learn more about previous winning applications please visit our blog here and here.
As always, the best idea will receive a tailor made Incubation Support Package as a prize, helping to bring it successfully to the market! The prize consists of specialist support measures delivered by a team of experts providing business mentoring, technical support, assistance with identifying and accessing finance, facilitation of business partnerships, access to specialised testing environments, marketing and promotion support.

Apply by submitting your project on The deadline for entries is January 15th, 2015. The best applications will be invited to pitch during our final Challenges Event in Manchester hosted during the arts innovation event, Future Everything Festival, at the end of February 2015, where the winners will be selected.

Download the press release with full information on the Challenge (PDF, 421 Kb)

What should you create? We welcome a wide range of works for the Design Challenge, and appreciate contemporary and creative approaches to digital cultural heritage materials. For example, including but not limited to results of digital fabrication, media art, design objects, web/mobile applications and services.
Where to get content? Search for it on Europeana Labs. Use our APIs for your own developments! You can access the collections and incorporate them into things like apps, games, websites, even creating mash-ups using other APIs. The possibilities are endless. Want to work with these collections? The Europeana APIs allow you to access exactly what you want, delivering your own customised view of Europeana content.

Learn more about Europeana Creative:

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Digital art

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