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Digital Echoes Symposium 2015: Intangible and Performance-based Cultural Heritage


cropped-C-Dare3-no-logosCoventry University Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE, is pleased to announce and welcomes proposals for the 5th edition of the Digital Echoes Symposium.


Digital Echoes Symposium 2015: Intangible and Performance-based Cultural Heritage

13 February 2015, Institute for Creative Enterprise, Coventry University

Convenors: Sarah Whatley, Rosamaria Cisneros, Amalia Sabiescu

Digital Echoes 2015 will bring together artists, researchers and practitioners interested in exploring how digital environments intervene in the creation, documentation, circulation and reception of culture. The focus of this year’s event is on the potential and limits of digital technology for affording new ways to engage with traditional forms of cultural heritage as audience, user, artist, author, researcher and co-creator.


Charlotte Waelde, Chair in Intellectual Property Law, University of Exeter

Matthew Causey, Associate Professor in Drama and Director of the Arts Technology Research Laboratory, Trinity College Dublin

Read more about the events themes and background:

Registration for the event will cost £20 concession/£30 full price.

Organising committee: Sarah Whatley, Rosamaria Cisneros, Lily Hayward-Smith, Emma Meehan, Amalia Sabiescu

For more information please write to

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Call for proposals

We invite applications for papers, panels, posters, roundtables and performative presentations (with limited technical requirements) that engage analytically, critically, creatively or reflexively with the themes below. We also welcome proposals for demonstrations of tools, platforms and apps that exemplify best practices and innovative approaches for interacting with cultural heritage as user, audience, author, artist and researcher.

  • Digital access to cultural content
  • Creativity and the creative process
  • New audiences and new modes of audience engagement
  • Documentation and digital preservation
  • The role of the artist and changing creative practice
  • Pure and hybrid forms
  • Envisioning futures
  • Legal issues
  • Beyond disciplinarity
  • Social and cultural impacts

Format for submissions

Paper presentations are limited to 20 minutes. Proposals for roundtables, demonstrations and other non-standard presentations will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

In your proposal please include the following:

  • Names of presenters and organisational/institutional affiliation(s)
  • Technical, space and duration requirements
  • Biography (max 100 words)
  • Title and type of submission (panel, poster, performance, etc.)
  • 500 word abstract/description
  • Bibliography (optional)

The deadline for submission of proposals is 5th of December 2014. 

Proposals should be emailed to:


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Digital art

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